The Worlds End

Update (18.01.16)

A modern image model railway based on Knaresborough

Intrigue, folklore and architecture.

This, the third layout, combines the experiences gained on the Etton and Rowland’s Castle layouts. Its prime aim is to purely entertain. It was completed at the end of 2014 and has been ‘on tour’ at model railway exhibitions since then. This layout is based on the North Yorkshire market town of Knaresborough.

I started planning the project in 2009, and after extensive survey work and detailed planning model construction finally commenced in February 2010. Set in the time period around 2005-2015 and beyond hopefully, running stock includes the modern day colourfully liveried DMU’s and several long special trains including the Northern Belle Pullman, Scarborough Spa Express and the Tour De France. Whilst it has a ‘modern image’ leaning, it has only a simple branch line theme with trains running through the station on a twin track continuous circuit run. There is one crossover that is used to reverse a few of the trains back in the opposite direction.

The market town setting contains a very strong historical theme to continue the military overtone created on previous layouts. A bold proposal, but the finished effect hopefully captures a charming contrast between a bustling market town and wooded countryside horizontally, and a sheer cliff face and river gorge vertically. 

This is a pilgrimage into model building construction that produced double the structures that appeared on the Rowland’s Castle layout. From Knaresborough Castle the Kings Tower and Courthouse structures are modelled, together with an array of architecturally interesting buildings taken from High Street and Market Place in the town centre together with parts of Finkle Street, Kirkgate, Waterside, Riverside and Water Bag Bank. The station and town scene to the left of the layout contrast with the deep River Nidd gorge with its sheer cliff faces in the centre, and Mother Shipton’s wooded countryside and the castle grounds on the right.

‘The Worlds End’ refers to the pub that features at the front of this modern image layout, which in turn is derived from the legend of Mother Shipton's prophecies. Also featured is the large stone built and ornate viaduct over the River Nidd which at 4mm to the foot scale is around 5 feet long and 14” high.

There are other scenes on the layout that will intrigue and entertain folks whilst watching the trains go by. Substantial numbers of metal cast and converted plastic model figures have been employed on the layout and inside coaches. Can you spot the Mother Shipton figure wandering around on the layout?

Towards the end of 2010 I began creating of a range of 'modern image' white metal cast model figures (Pete Goss Figures) with friend Tony Chadburn. These are used extensively on the new layout and are also available for general sale. The Sealed Knot figures are all converted ‘Call to Arms’ civil war figurines.

Many thanks to a few friends who assisted in the layout construction. Colin Stark for the layout boards and structure, Mick Nicholson signal construction (all working), Stephen Bellamy for advising on train compositions, and Julie for assisting with the figures and helping to run the layout at exhibitions.