Pete Goss Figures

In need of a large selection of ‘modern image’ general public figures for the new 4mm scale model railway layout, I had the opportunity to develop a range of bespoke figures with a wargames model manufacturing specialist and friend Tony Chadburn. The figures are intended to represent very general purpose general public, and are so general that some could easily overlap to other time spans, or be converted for specific tasks on or off the railway.

There are currently three time periods covered. The ED (Late Victorian / Edwardian) range covers the period 1900 to 1914 and the start of the first world war. The PD (Period) range is aimed at mid 20th C probably around say late 1930’s to late 1950’s/early 1960’s. The MD (Modern) range is later 20th C to today.

The figures are white metal cast, designed to suit 4mm OO/EM/P4 gauge, 1 to 76 scale and are 23mm high (scale ht 5’9” to top of head). The figures are generally sold in packs of 4 unpainted castings portraying 4 different figures as described in the details attached to each picture. They do contain small amounts of lead and would be un-suitable for children.

The diesel driver packs are metal half figures designed to sit in diesel locomotive and DMU cabs. Both PD and MD versions are available from March 2016. There is also a range of resin castings consisting half figure coach passengers, waterline rowing boats and from March 2016 platform passenger luggage.